The SRC «Carat» has proposed a new approach in essence to selection of prospective ceramic materials with negative temperature coefficient of resistance on the base of mixed transition metal manganites in the Cu-Ni-Mn-Co oxide system for current protection thermistors.


As initial constituents at technological synthesis of ceramics the 3d-element simple oxides use not only, but the MnCo2O4, NiMn2Oі CuMn2O4 stoichiometric cubic spinels do the same.


The (Mn,Cu,Ni,Co)3O4 mixed ceramics with unique electrophysical properties is intensively investigating at leading world scientific centers aiming to obtain high-efficiency components for modern electronics – temperature sensors, starting current limiters, etc.


Now at the SRC «Carat» the MgAl2O4 alumomagnesium ceramics is under comprehensive investigation targeting to reveal its prospective application in electronics of new generation. In comparison with other types of ceramic materials this ceramics possesses more mechanical strength and chemical stability to parasitic contaminants (dusts, smokes, dirts, alcohol vapors, organic hydrocarbotates, carbon monoxide, hydrogen sulphide, solvents, etc.).