Acousto- and optoelectronics

The scientific and engineering staff of the SRC «Carat» has developed series of high purity, defect-free and doped single crystal materials with given physical properties for application in acousto- and optoelectronics as well as other areas of utilization, and they are now manufacturing:

– Optical grade lithium niobate single crystals for electro- and acousto-optical light modulators and deflectors;

- Lithium niobate and tantalate single crystals for surface acoustic waves (SAW) devices;

– Perovskite and garnet single crystals doped with rare earth ions for active elements of solid state lasers;

- Single crystals and single crystal films of yttrium aluminum garnet for solid state scintillators;

- Single crystals of tungstates and molibdates for ionizing radiation detectors;

- Heterostructures of A3B5 (GaAs-AlGaAs, InP-InGaAsP) compounds for semiconductors lasers and visible and IR light;

NdGaO3 and ABXO4 tetragonal single crystals for cryoelectronics.



Blanks of active elements for electro-optical Q-switches 

Gallium arsenide epitaxial structures 







Calcium tungstate single crystal 

Gadolinium gallium garnet single crystals 







Cadmium tungstate single crystals 


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