Developing materials science area of solid state electronics that is known as magetoelectronics and basing on many years experience the SRC «Carat» has elaborated series technologies for fabrication of epitaxial structures on the base of rare earth iron garnets (ReIG) by liquid phase epitaxy (LPE) method.


It has been developed:

- Epitaxial films on the base of yttrium iron garnet (YIG) with extremely low electromagnetic losses for microwave devices utilizing effect of magnetostatic wave (MSW) propagation;

- Single crystal films of complexly substituted ReIG for spintronics, sensorics, and data storage and information processing as well;

- Epitaxial films of bismuth-substituted ReIG for applied magnetooptic devices and optoelectronics (electromagnetic field visualizes, optical modulators, deflectors, circulators, isolators, spatial light modulators, etc.).



Epitaxial structures of complexly substituted ReIG and active elements for magnetoelectronic devices on their base 

Hall sensors on the base of gallium arsenide heterostructures 

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