Liquid-phase epitaxy

The Carat’s integrated laboratory-production module for fabrication of thin single crystal layers by liquid phase epitaxy (LPE) method is equipped with world first class facility and has not analogs in Europe on its technological level and instrumentation.


Equipment facilities of the complex give us possibility to carry out technology developments for fabrication of complex oxide single crystal films and epitaxial structures on up-to-date world level.


The LPE laboratory’s scientists and engineers are developing technologies, which allow to obtain new high-tech products – epitaxial structures of complexly-substituted rare earth garnets with diameter till 3" (76,2 mm) for using in various areas of modern electronics.


High quality of the end products is ensured by execution of all manufacturing operations starting from preparation of growth runs till finish structure cleaning and packing in class «100» clean room, in which strict technical conditions of microclimate is regularly keeping.

Among numerous developments of the Company are new materials for magneto- and quantum electronics:

- Wide nomenclature of epitaxial structures on the base of yttrium iron garnets (YIG) for designing new generation of planar integrated microwave devices of spin-wave electronics and spintronics;

- Structures based on rare earth iron garnets with giant magnetooptic Faraday effect for visualizers of electromagnetic fields, light beam control devices, and other applications in applied magnetooptics;

- Garnet structures with controlled magnetic properties for ultrasensitive sensors of weak DC and AC magnetic fields;

- Thin film structures on the base of rare earth aluminum and gallium garnets that are intended for utilization as active media of subminiature microchip lasers, high-power industrial disk lasers, passive Q-switches, thin film solid state scintillators, etc.

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