About Company

The main direction of scientific and production activity of the Scientific Research Company «Electron-Carat» (SRC «Carat») is experimentations, development of technologies for fabrication of up-to-date materials used in micro- and radio-electronics as well as their manufacturing application on industrial scale.


The SRC «Electron-Carat» has been founded in 1972, and long time it has been known as the Lviv’s R&D Institute of Materials – leading scientific organization of Ministry of Radio-Industry of the former USSR in the field of radio-electronic materials science. Further the R&D Institute of Materials was reorganized into the Scientific Production Association «Carat», and the enterprise has embodied in the Joint Stock Company «Concern-Electron» in the moment its foundation.


Now the SRC «Electron-Carat» is a branch of the «Electron» Concern. It is a leading state scientific organization concerning scientific and technical provision in area «Materials for Electronic Engineering» and includes in the State Register of Ukrainian Scientific Institutions. Company is a developer and coordinator for implementation of State, Interindustry and Industry programs in area of radio-electronic materials science and projects under State Foundation of Basic Research as well.

The SRC «Electron-Carat» is possessed of modern research, technological and production basis. Here it is created an unique laboratory-production complex for growth of composite oxide single crystal compounds belonging to scientific entities of Ukrainian National Property that has not analogs among CIS countries.


The first and just one in Ukraine state-of-art nanofabrication of thin film heteroepitaxial structures with nanometric active layers for microelectronic application has been organized at the Company.


Thanking efforts of scientists and engineers of the SRC «Electron-Carat» modern materials for microelectronics, magnetoelectronics, acousto- and optoelectronics, linear and non-linear optics, magnetooptics, quantum electronics, sensorics, cryoelectronics, electroceramics, optoelectronic devices, etc. are working out at the Company.


Participation of the «Electron-Carat» in grandiose international CERN (Conseil Européen pour la Recherche Nucléaire) project in Switzerland known as Large Hadron Collider was an acknowledgement of its achievements in complex oxide single crystal growth technologies. For this project our Company has fabricated some unique single crystals used in high energy radiation detectors.


4 Doctors of Science and 7 PhDs work at the SRC «Electron-Carat», some basic science schools, which are well known over the world scientific community. A branch of the Semiconductor Electronics Department of the «Lviv’s Politechnics» National University is established at the Company. Presenting modern scientific ideas and searches in the field of materials science at international conferences and symposiums the «Carat’s» scientists present with dignity our country. The SRC «Electron-Carat» is one of founders of the Joint Stock Company «Scientific Production Concern «Science», the main activity of which is realization of scientific and technological potentialities of Ukrainian materials science institutions in the field of high and ultimate technologies.


The SRC «Electron-Carat» collaborates long time with numerous scientific institutions and industrial companies from Bulgaria, China, France, Germany, India, Korea, Poland, Russia, Switzerland, USA, etc.


Welcome to SRC ««Electron-Carat»!

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