Complex oxide single crystals

Unique high-tech equipment the SRC «Carat» owning gives possibility to carry out technology developments of new single crystal materials starting from preparation of raw materials and finishing by manufacturing single crystal and single crystal film working elements for different electronic devices with further organization of their industrial production.

The single crystal laboratory equipped with eight «Galaxie Mark III» machines enables:

- growing single crystals of complex oxide compounds with high melting point till 2000 С;

- obtaining crystals with diameter till 100 mm and mass till 40 kg;

- automatic controlling of growing crystal by weight method;

- carrying out technological growth runs in different gas environments;

- full computer controlling the crystal growth processes.

Domestic technologies for fabrication of the large-sized single crystal series has been developed by the Company’s scientists and engineers:

- defect-free gadolinium gallium garnet (GGG) single crystals with diameter till 110 mm and mass till 16 kg, which is widely using as a substrate material for fabrication of rare earth epitaxial films for electronic application;

- pure and doped single crystals of lithium niobate and tantalate with diameter till 90 mm that are the most widely-spread materials using in acoustoelectronics, acoustooptics, integrated optics, non-linear optics, etc.;

- scintillation crystals of lead, calcium and cadmium tungstates and molibdates for high-efficiency solid state detectors of high-energy radiation using in high-energy physics, medical X-ray tomography, control devices of radioactive pollution in water, foodstuffs, etc.;

- crystals of aluminum garnet and perovskite groups doped with rare earth elements for solid state lasers of medical, technological and general technical applications;

- crystals of rare earth gallates using as substrates for obtaining single crystal films of high temperature superconductors, etc.

Grown crystals are precisely mechanical treating at specialized section located in class «10000» clean room.


The section is equipped with specialized «Logitech» (Great Britain) facility meant for processing flat surfaces of single crystal blocks and rods and makes it possible to attain to flatness of plane surfaces till few tenths of wavelength and parallelism 5" no worth


Testing performance of optoelectronic active elements and examination of materials properties is carrying out on laboratory set ups in accordance with elaborated control techniques of luminescent and absorption characteristics of materials, generation properties of laser components, laser beam characterization, distortion of light wave-front traveling across optical elements, performances of acousto-, electro-electronic and non-linear optic devices, etc.


Testing laboratories are equipped with facility of «Ekspla» (Lithuania), «Gentec» (Canada), «Rohde&Szwarz» (Germany), «Linkam» (Great Britain) «Stanford Research» (USA), «Shimadzu» (Japan), etc.

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