National property

The SRC «Carat» possesses an unique laboratory-production complex (further «Complex») for growing both bulk and thin film compounds of complex oxides and comprehensive investigation of their physico-chemical properties. It is included by Ukrainian Government (Order of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine No. 73-p of February 11, 2004) into list of scientific entities that is a National Property of Ukraine.


The Complex basis is technological equipment for growth both bulk single crystals and single crystal films that has been designed and manufactured by leading French companies «Physitherm» and «LAS» under technical requirements of the SRC «Carat». It consists of:

- Eight automatized growth machines of the «Galaxie Mark III» type (Physitherm), that is intended for growing large-sized single crystals of high melting point complex oxide compounds by Czochralski method. The machines give possibility to grow high quality single crystals in controlled gas environment with melting point till 2000 С and mass till 40 kg at diameter till 110 mm;

- Integrated functional module made by «LAS» Company is intended for fabrication of single crystal films of complex oxide compounds (mainly rare earth garnets) by liquid phase epitaxy (LPE) method. The facility provides a fabrication of defect-free epitaxial films on substrates with diameter till 100 mm and thickness of single crystal layers till 500 μm.


All technological processes on the above equipment perform in automated run mode under computer control.


The main idea line of the Complex foundation is comprehensive investigations, elaboration of physico-chemical fundamentals for crystallization of the complex oxide compounds and development of technological processes for fabrication of functional single crystal materials with set-up parameters on the base of obtained knowledge.


The Complex is provides with needed independent systems for supplying energy carriers and technological microclimate, i.e. it locates in class «100» clean room.


The Complex equipment is unique and being at level of the best world samples. It has not any analogs in Ukraine, CIS countries and Europe.


Availability of the Complex provides to Ukrainian scientists and technologists a possibility for carrying out both basic investigations and applied developments on creation of technological processes for fabrication of new single crystal high-tech materials, which is widely using in quantum electronics, optoelectronics, acousto- and electrooptics, integrated optics, photonics, magnetoelectronics, spintronics, functional sensorics, bioelectronics, etc.

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