The SRC «Carat» carries out complex investigations directed on creation and improving ceramic materials for electronic.


It has been developed:

- Semiconductor oxide ceramics on the base of triple cubic spinels (Ni,Co,Mn,Cu)3O4 for current protection thermoresistors;

- Semiconductor oxide ceramics on the base of barium titanate for devices of thermal protection in radio engineering;

- Series of ceramic materials on the base of aluminum and titanium oxides, magnesium silicates and titanates for substrates of integrated microcircuitry, multilayer switching boards, microcases and parts of microwave devices;


Fabrication technology for microwave ceramic materials with dielectric permittivity ε = 35, 60, 90. Products are manufacturing in shape of substrates with sizes 60х48х1 mm, discs and lenses with diameter till 80 mm, which are intended for application in microwave circuit technology and medical apparatus.


Thermistor elements of current protection on the base of oxymanganite ceramics MnCo2O4-NiMn2O4-CuMn2O4 developed at the SRC «Carat» 













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