First domestic nanotechnology manufacturing


The first and only in Ukraine modern nanotechnology manufacturing of the world level has been organized on the base of the SRC «Carat» – Branch of the PJSC «Concern-Electron».

This innovation project was put in operation as a collaboration result of the Kiev’s JSC «Scientific&Industrial Concern «Nauka» and SRC «Carat». Just due to joint efforts of scientists and specialists of both Institutions unique technologies for fabrication of nanosized crystal films with integrated active layer of different crystal substances (heterostructures) have been created.

The JSC «SIC «Nauka» has developed and realized a conceptually new technological approach to control of epitaxial layer system that gives possibility obtaining structures with high uniformity and wide range of electro-physical parameters. Whereas physico-chemical backgrounds of versatile technologies for formation of epitaxial optoelectronic structures, which are basing on utilization and influence of rare earth elements on the layer crystallization have been developed at The SRC «Carat». Areas of application of these optoelectronic structures are super-bright LEDs, powerful microwave transistors for cell and satellite communication, medicine, solar energy (for example, concentrated solar cells) and other.

Industrial manufacturing of nanoheterostructures at the «Carat» is based on technological complex to be only in Ukraine, basis of which MOCVD facility for deposition of crystal layers (epitaxy) onto surface of semiconductor substrates, machines for vapor phase and liquid phase epitaxy and up-to-date laboratory equipped with all needed control. More than 10 M$, half of which was the Government contribution, have been invested into creation of this high-tech laboratory-industrial complex.

Decision to locate this production in Lviv at one of the Concern’s enterprises was first of all caused by the fact that the Concern attends considerable attention on investment into applied science - as soon as three last years the Concern invested into the "Carat” more than 16,0 million UAH of own funds. There is other reason; the «Carat» was able to save high-skilled scientific stuff: now 7 Doctors of Science and 17 PhDs works. Combination of technological potentialities and human resources of the complex allows solving complicated tasks and fabricating materials with different technical characteristics to be based ones for micro- and nanoelectronics. It will promote modernization of Ukrainian high-tech industry and give possibility to fill domestic market with new competitive devices and further expand the product export as well.

Though foreign companies take considerable interest by now – still doing scientific investigation and experimental testing the complex equipment the first 2.5 M$ commercial contract for delivery of nanoheterostructures in EU countries has been signed.

Head of the Lviv Region Administration Mykhailo Kostyuk, Major of Lviv Andrii Sadovyy, Deputy Head of the State Agency for Management of State Corporate Rights Oleksander Shubin, President of the PJSC «Concern-Electron» Yurii Bubes, General Director of the JSC «SIC «Nauka» Sergii Larkin, and General Director of the SRC «Carat» Mykola Vakiv have ceremonially opened new technological complex in presence of Heads of leading Ukrainian scientific institutions, eminent scientists and scientific community.

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