«Carat» scientific-research company – 40 years in the forefront of Ukrainian science


On the 22-nd of November 2012 it will be 40 years from the date of «Carat» scientific-research company foundation – a subsidiary enterprise of «Concern-Electron» PJSC.

«Carat» SRC became a member of the first Ukrainian «Concern-Electron» JSC in 1991.

At the expense of «Concern-Electron» PJSC internal investment the enterprise was modernized with the most up-to-date technological and control equipment.

At the beginning of the 2000 years a unique complex for growing of compound oxides single-crystal materials, which has not analogues in the territory of the former USSR, was created at «Carat» SRC and is a scientific object of Ukrainian national heritage.

The participation of the enterprise in implementation of grandiose international project of European Centre of Nuclear Research (CERN - Conseil Européen pour la Recherche Nucléaire) on creation of Large hadron collider, as regards the production of electromagnetic radiation single-crystal detectors, showed the recognition of its achievements in technologies of compound oxides crystal growing.

Conclusion of scientific and commercial agreements with research institutions and industrial companies of China, Russia, Germany, Korea, Poland, Bulgaria, Switzerland and other countries is the recognition of significance of «Carat» SRC achievements.

«Carat» SRC remains to be the main scientific-research company of Ukraine in the sphere of «Materials of electronic equipment» and accomplishes its scientific - theme activity in the fields of: materials for microelectronics, ceramic materials of electronic engineering, materials of acousto- and optoelectronics, quantum electronics and optics, physicochemical investigations of materials, their properties and testing. The enterprise carries out a number of state scientific and technical programs of State department of information sciences, Ministry of economical development and commerce, implements investigations according to the projects of State Fund of fundamental investigation.


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